18 Aug

The St. Kitts Co-operative Credit Union completes construction on its two model homes

In an effort to provide the Federation with both affordable and comfortable middle income homes, the St. Kitts Co-operative Credit Union Limited has embarked on an innovative housing concept namely the Scenic View Homes located at Douglas Estate, St. Peters. Given this innovative undertaking, there is no doubt that these homes will be a welcomed addition to the housing market within St. Kitts.

The construction of two of the six model homes began late last year as it was felt that the physical structures would be greatly appreciated as the potential owner would better able to assess their investment if they were given the opportunity to view and tour the homes constructed. The petite bungalow with a square footage of approximately 1300 is situated on the prime land of 4,000 square feet, and the petite two storey home, with a square footage of 1604 situated on prime land of 6,000 square feet is the present offer to the potential home owner.

Along with the internal ambience of the newly constructed buildings is the beautiful panoramic view of the island’s mountain range while allowing a peek of the Atlantic Ocean and a clear view of the Caribbean Sea which all accompany the scenery of this location.

At present, the following have been included in both homes to ensure as much comfort as possible to the potential owner. There is always the opportunity to include or exclude as they deem fit through negotiations.

· 3 Bedrooms including a Master Bedroom Suite
· 2 Full Bathrooms
· Ceramic Tiling
· Painting (both interior and exterior)
· Complete Wooden Cabinets and Closets
· Complete Sinks and Faucets
· Railed Patios
· Roof Top Balcony
· Burglar Bars (throughout)
· Gates with complete Fencing
· Utilities
· Ceiling Fans with lighting fixtures
· Cable, Internet, Security System and Telephone wiring
· Air Conditioning
· Paving Stone pathways
· Carport

For further information, please feel free to contact our offices at (869) 465-2272/9014 or through our email address at stkittscreditunion@yahoo.com.

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