16 Oct

The Melvin Edwards Excellence Awards for 2013

The Melvin Edwards Excellence Awards for 2013


 On Wednesday 16th October 2013, the Beach Allen Primary School portrayed its school song "Proudly we stand as students of this school..." when two (2) of its students were rewarded for their industry and hard work as the St. Kitts Co-operative Credit Union (SKCCU) conferred upon them the Melvin Edwards Excellence Award for excellent performance in the 2013 Tests of Standard.

This esteemed award has now become an annual feature of the St. Kitts Co-operative Credit Union Limited, and is presented to the top three (3) Grade 6 students in St. Kitts. This year, Beach Allen Primary School, is the proud recipient of the first and third places. Alaynah 

Mitchell was awarded first place, while Daria James of the George Moody School was second place, and Chanecia Pole also of the Beach Allen Primary School captured third place.

The Principal, Mrs. Emileta Warner-Paul, and the proud parents of these students were on hand to witness the handing over ceremony which was held at the SKCCU Headquarters Conference Room at Bladen's Commercial Site. Both The President and General Manager of the St. Kitts Co-operative Credit Union Limited praised the students and congratulated the schools and the parents on the achievements of the recipients and encouraged the children to strive for excellence. Additionally, Chief Education Officer Ms. Cotton also commended the children, schools and parents and heartened the children to use Mr. Melvin Edwards as an example of what they can accomplish as he started out his career as a teacher. Then the Principal in her remarks thanked the organizers for this initiative now in its fourth (4th) year and mused that the school has the prestigious position of the first to receive the inaugural award. She went to equate this award to that of the State Scholar Award but for the Primary School setting. She explained that only the secondary schools attended by the recipients of the State Scholar Awards were highlighted, forgetting that these students had to have a foundation. Mrs. Warner-Paul concluded that the Melvin Edwards Awards will continue to promote and highlight the hard work and dedication of the teachers in the Primary Schools.

A hearty congratulation is extended to all the awardees. Also a special thanks and profound appreciation is expressed towards the dedicated teachers, who had the joy in teaching and nurturing these students as well as the parents for their unwavering support for their children and the schools.

The Beach Allen students continue to make strides in outstanding performances in both academics and sports. As its Motto echos "Unlock the Gate to Opportunity”, the students are encouraged continually to do the best that they can striving for the top as they unlock all the opportunities that come their way. The students who have set the benchmark are encouraged to press on and to build on what they started at Beach Allen and those who are to come will reach for that mark but do not stop as the sky is the limit. Congratulations again to all the recipients!