06 Mar

St. Kitts Co-operative Credit Union Limited represented at the Launch of GEMS

     Credit Unions have a social responsibility to the community it serves and in its continuous efforts to fulfill that purpose, the St. Kitts Co-operative Credit Union Limited was represented at the launch of the “GEMS” which is an after school program for girls between the ages of 13 to 16 at the Charles Miller High School in Sandy Point.

Ms. Charles, the Marketing and HR Manager, was the guest speaker to forms 1 to 5 at their general assembly on Thursday 6th October 2011. This after school initiative was launched as part of the Teacher’s Week and on the Teacher’s Appreciation Day. It is designed to engage young girls in positive activities that would build skills such as self confidence/esteem.

In the address to the young girls, Ms. Charles asked what the meaning of a Gem was. To which one of the participants answered that a gem is a precious stone. Ms. Charles indicated that they were all Gems and that they were all special and unique as there was no one on the face of the earth that was like them.

The session was interactive as the girls indicated that they had aspirations of being lawyers, accountants, and other professions and Ms. Charles indicated that they could achieve anything they wanted to be but they would have to focus.

Finally she stated that there was a statement she wanted them to remember and it was love for self, respect for self and respect for others. The girls enthusiastically shouted the statement and promised to remember it. The St. Kitts Co-operative Credit Union will continue to support such initiatives that hope to build the youth of this Nation into the productive adults we hope they will become.

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