St.Kitts Co-operative Credit Union 37 Annual General Meeting

Thank you for registering for the SKCCU 38 Annual General Meeting, we are looking forward to seeing you there. To help us protect everyone health and safety, while ensuring your voice is heard, we are facilitating the virtual AGM in the following ways:

  • Please submit your votes for the SKCCU scholarship for students who are entering both the primary school and for students who are leaving secondary school. Please note that only one name can be submitted for each category. To submit the name for the students who will be leaving primary school please click here . To submit the name for student who are leaving secondary school please click here.
  • Please submit your questions by the 25th May 2021. You are only allowed a maximum of 3 questions. Please make your submission by clicking here . This deadline for submission is to facilitate a smooth and orderly process during the virtual AGM. In order to receive the answers to the questions submitted please ensure that your name is recorded as well. The SKCCU intents to publish the answers to all questions ahead of the meeting and during the AGM a summary of the questions and answers will be given.  a limited number of questions will be taken during the virtual meeting.
  • Please submit the name of your nominee for the positions for the Board of Directors, Credit Committee and Supervisory committee by clicking here, also please click here to see the members who have been selected by the Nominations Committee