The purchase of shares allows members access to all the services provided by the Credit Union to its members. This is what makes you a member of SKCCU. They represent your personal investment in your Credit Union just as if you were to buy shares in Cable and Wireless or TDC - only better!

Open a Permanent Share Account today by purchasing shares from your credit union at $5.00 par value per share. The minimum number of shares to be purchased is twenty (20) and additional shares may be purchased of twenty (20) or more. Annually, dividends are paid to all shareholders and the amount paid is based on the number of shares purchased by the member and the profitability of your Credit Union.

Transferring or Withdrawing?
Your Permanent Share Account is fully transferable! Permanent Shares cannot be withdrawn. However, they can be transferred or sold to a Credit Union member. In cases of absolute necessity, the Credit Union could opt to give cash in exchange for shares. Upon your death, your Permanent Share Account is transferred to your designated beneficiary.